Gutter Clearing

Health and Safety is of paramount importance to PDWCS Ltd so we are constantly exploring new ways of making things safer for our workforce.

We can now clear out guttering from the ground with the use of a powerful vacuum system that sucks all stones, moss, mud and grass straight out down an extendable pole. This allows us to also reach guttering previously impossible to get too, such as over extensions or on unlevelled ground, where putting a ladder would be dangerous.

Of course not all guttering may need to be cleared, so we use an inspection system to see what is in the gutters and what equipment is best suited for the job. This involves using a small wireless camera mounted on an extendable pole, much like the ones we use for window cleaning. We can then take photos and/or videos to show customers if there guttering needs clearing.

  • Safely clear gutters from ground level
  • Trained staff to use equipment
  • Gutters can be maintained regularly to keep them clear
  • Fully insured

If you would like a free quote on gutter cleaning please contact us.


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